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Into the pine-woods Siberian Huskies

I have a little, relatively new  Siberian husky kennel in the woods near Oslo. We originated from the much older Brattalid kennel, where we started our careers as mushers with SH. At the present, Johanne is the chair of the Norwegian Siberian Husky Club in Norway. I have 10 siberians . We breed a little and occasionally have puppies, but mostly we are in the game for trips in the wilderness and long and mid distance mushing. Trips in the mountains, camping out and mushing in the free are our favorites. I also bicycle, hike, backpack and run a cart with our dogs. I have a cabin in the area north of Elverum in mid-Norway that is perfect for dirtroad training. We have completed several mid distance races in Norway and also the Gausdal marathon (180 km) and the Femunden 400 (420 km) in 2006.  I live only 20-30 minutes drive out of city center in Oslo. The home page has pictures of all the dogs, some articles written by Johanne (who writes some for the NSHC newsletter, Musing and the local magazine Hundekjoring) and information about our races. I do speak and write English with no problems whatsoever, so feel free to call or send an email if you feel like it. I also like to keep track of puppies we have sold or given away, and like to keep in touch with their owners – even as far as Finland. We like to inspire people to really use huskies for what they are good at, and we have conducted informal mushing training classes for children and done some tourist mushing. This has given us a lot of new friends and has taken some people into mushing also after being with us.  

We like dogs and we like people. Please contact us on any issue related to SH.
Johanne Sundby
Sørbråtveien 25, 0891 Oslo, tel 90558704